Straight Upland

As a family we have enjoyed many outings hunting and being outdoors. Like all of you, we look forward to weekends and days off, when we are able to get out and enjoy the wonders of the world with well-trained birddogs, searching for wild birds!

As responsible hunters, outdoorsmen and women, and stewards of the land, we see the benefits and need for conservation. We want to keep upland hunting alive, and pass this important American heritage onto future generations. We want our kids (and their kids) to experience the thrill of owning a good birddog and to cherish the rise of a covey as it is flushed. We want them to experience the outdoors, the land, the species, the sights, the scents, the beauty, the preparation and hard work, and ultimately the taste of wild game that upland hunting can provide, to both young and more seasoned hunter-conservationists. We consider this a labor of love and something that all of us can participate in, if we so choose.

Here at Straight Upland we believe in being honest, fair, and genuine. That’s why at Straight Upland we have decided to give back 25 percent of proceeds generated to an organization dedicated to upland game conservation, or youth hunting opportunities. We hope that when we are out, we will see you, your family, and your birddogs, Straight Upland!